Mothers Sterling Silver Birthstone Bracelet

Oh So Cherished

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This sweet Mothers sterling silver 925 beaded bracelet is hand crafted by our jeweller in our studio on the Isle of Wight, using 4mm sterling silver beads threaded into a stretch bracelet with pretty quality birthstone charms. A perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Attached to the bracelet are quality sparkly crystal birthstone charms for each of your children.

Each month of the year is represented by a different birthstone, each stone holding different meanings and qualities. Included is a little card telling you about their birthstone.

January - Burgundy - Incredibly powerful and energising. It used to be worn by warriors in battles and is said to protect against evil, wounds and nightmares.

February - Amethyst - Represents wealth, wisdom, power and encourages people to connect to their emotions and find clarity.

March - Aquamarine - It’s said to clear negative energy and strengthen intuition and courage.

April - Crystal - To promote healing, hope and happiness and offers guidance.

May - Emerald - The rich colour symbolises truth, love, and royalty.

June - Light Amethyst - It’s a stone for good fortune, luck and embracing change.

July - Ruby - extremely romantic while also representing the darker side of life and blood.

August - Peridot - It’s associated with good health, peacefulness and harmony and is said to protect against nightmare when set into gold.

September - Sapphire - Associated with innocence, truth, and good health.

October - Rose - said to have many mystical powers including lightness, spontaneity, and creativity.

November - Topaz - Encourages joy, success, and prosperity.

December - Blue Zircon - It’s a spiritual gem that aids communication, meditation and unites the mind and the heart.

Alongside the crystal hangs a personalised round sterling silver pendant, we can engrave up to 25 characters for that extra personal touch with the names of their children. Oh So Special.

- Gift boxed
- Sterling Silver 925
- 19cm Stretch bracelet
- Personalised with disc pendant

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