GROWIES: ​Kids’ Seed Party Boxes - The Engaging, Eco-Friendly Party Bags Kids Love

GROWIES: ​Kids’ Seed Party Boxes - The Engaging, Eco-Friendly Party Bags Kids Love

Posted by Sarah Blake on 7th Apr 2022

We hand out kids’ party bags with the best of intentions - we want to say thanks for coming and put a smile on all the little ones’ faces. Unfortunately, what we’re really handing over is sugar-laden candy wrapped in plastic, with cheap plastic trinkets, wrapped in a plastic bag. It might make kids happy for a few minutes before it’s completely forgotten. There’s a better way to say thanks for coming and provide interactive fun after an event - kids’ seed party boxes!

What Are Seed Party Boxes?

Seed party boxes are just like party bags for kids’ birthdays - except with less mess and more fun! They’re a unique gift box containing seeds, a fibre plant pot, a wooden plant tag, and a soil pellet. The party boxes are also personalised - they come with colourful, bright labels that you can add names to for a little extra cost, so every child feels special.

After the party, kids can open the party box and plant the seeds with the guidance of their parents. Then, they can watch the seeds grow! Unlike regular party bags, these party favours offer excitement for months. Who knows - they may even inspire some budding horticulturalists!

Awesome Benefits of Seed Party Boxes Over Party Bags for Kids' Birthdays

1. A Party Favour In Hand

Let’s face it, leaving a party empty-handed is disappointing for kids once they’re used to getting party bags! Kids’ seed party boxes still offer that party favour excitement. They’re colourful and cheerful. Kids are so excited to open them - just like a regular party bag.

2. Ongoing Fun For Months

The best part of seed party boxes is that, well, they contain seeds! Parents get the chance to plant the seeds with their little ones, which can be a fun, interactive way to bond. Plus, it offers a sneaky learning opportunity. The children won’t know it, but their parents get to teach them all about gardening and science. Depending on how much care we give the flowers, kids will get to watch them grow for months after the party - creating a fond memory they’ll look back on forever.

3. No Sugar

We all know what happens when kids get their hands on sugar - they get major zoomies, followed by an even more major sugar crash. There’s definitely an occasion for sugar, but perhaps children don’t need extra sugar every time they go to a birthday party. Kids’ party seed boxes are a perfect sugar-free alternative!

4. Skip The Clean Up

Party bags are fun for all of five minutes - children rip them open, get bored with the trinkets inside, and leave a trail of candy wrappers. That’s a decent amount of waste for you to deal with afterward. Seed boxes, on the other hand, only include items that you’ll use to plant the seeds. Any packaging can be easily thrown into the recycling in one easy trip.

5. Zero Plastic

Plastic pollution is no joke. In the UK, we generate over two million metric tonnes of plastic packaging waste every year! We’re always striving to create a better world for our kids - why would we gift them plastic that will be around throughout the rest of their lifetime? That’s why, unlike regular kids’ party bags, seed party boxes have absolutely no plastic in sight.

The Best Kids’ Party Bag Ideas

So - if you’re in search of the best kids’ party bag ideas, look no further! Oh So Cherished’s Sunflower Seed Boxes have been incredibly popular among parents. So popular, in fact, that we’re launching two new boxes: Dinosaur’s Jungle and Unicorn’s Garden.

They’re the perfect eco-friendly, unique, exciting party bags for kids’ birthdays. The seed boxes still give you a way to say thanks for coming - but your guests will be thanking you, instead!

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