A Touch of Vintage Christmas Magic on the Isle of WIght

Posted by Sarah B on 16th Nov 2019

A Touch of Vintage Christmas Magic on the Isle of WIght

We adore the festive season. We adore it so much sending out well over 35,000 personalised gifts around the world from our Gatcombe workshop throughout December is just not enough for us!

So, this year we will be located on the high street too. We’ll be bringing a touch of 'Christmas Magic' to Newport in our new mobile 'Personalisation Station’, a 1960’s vintage caravan (named Nelly) bespoke fitted with a laser engraving machine.

Over December we will be engraving and personalising glassware live from our van in St Thomas Square, Newport. Balloon gin glasses, whisky glasses, treat jars, luxury glass candles, pint glasses and wine glasses to name a few. Glasses only take a few minutes to engrave so they’ll be engraved while you wait - Wow what a service and the perfect Christmas gift.

So, if you’re after a stylish glass with your friend or family members name or message on, drop by our vintage retail station for a bit of nostalgia, some traditional festive tunes and good old fashioned vintage retail at its best.

We will also be offering a gift wrap service for your purchased glasses and of course all credit cards will be accepted.

Nelly will be located at St Thomas Square in Newport on the following dates...

Thursday 5th December 2019 - 9am - 6pm

Saturday 7th December 2019 - 9am - 6pm

Thursday 12th December 2019 - 9am - 6pm

Saturday 14th December 2019 - 9am - 6pm

Thursday 19th December 2019 - 9am - 6pm

Saturday 21st December 2019 - 9am - 6pm

“It’s an exciting time. We love retail and we love the old fashioned customer care and retail experience from the 19th Century, so why not bring it into the 21st century.

If Christmas goes well for us with our Personalisation Station we will be looking to take her to all sorts of island and mainland events, changing out the personalised products we sell onboard based on the chosen event”.

Do drop by and say hello if you are in Newport, if you purchase and quote ‘MAGIC’ we’ll give you 10% off your glass if bought from the station.

Don’t forget, order from our online retail store and collect from Nelly.

Merry Christmas!

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